July 27, 2012

Keep the print!

Hello my dear friends!
Sometimes I go and buy only new sheets from thrift store because I like to have the back for my quilts in one piece.
I love this fabric! I use it for this quilt back , now with the big left overs I have, I decided to cut triangles for my first and big GFG and for this small GFG , too.
I realy like to have the same print for a flower so I cut the fabric in a manner to make my work easy and keep track with the print.
I'm trying to obtain the same design for my third row and for this I've cut 18 hexagons for the same flower, in the warp direction.

 ...fix the paper hexagons with pins, keep them together and cut one by one for basting....

This is it!
I still have much work from now on, so ... I'll go to work!! I wish you like always:
Happy sewing!!!

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