March 28, 2016

Whaaat? How to...BB8?

Hello friends,
Good to be here again, and I hope you are all fine!
First to say, I'm sure not everyone is SO crazy about this last movie! I'm not!! actually I feel disappointed, but hey, no comments no debates!
My old daughter, she's a big fun, she asked me if I can do a...crochet for her, and to be honest, I was just impressed about the way that cute...thingy was moving! So I'm here because I want to share with you a picture of my last work. It's something that tries really hard to get finished but I always find many other a lot of maybe not-so-important activities to do, so the poor little one is trying and waiting and trying and waiting to...BB8!! (let's hope it doesn't start rolling! toward me)

To make the perfect sphere, I used a nice pattern from this link.
Amazing result, as you can see.
From all 4 sizes there, I choose for the body the Large Ball size - Finished Circumference: 12 1/2 inches and for the head I made half of a sphere of a Medium Ball.
Hm...let me say that: after I finished the increasing for the head, I cut a piece of round cardboard to flat it and then I change the yarn to gray for one row, changed again to white and continue the full pattern for the ball. There is a little secret of mine to make the head turning free, all ways around, but I'll share it later, with more details and pictures.
One day will be done. (I studied too hard the design, everywhere and every image online, the colors, the shape, distribution, discs... and all about, to get my toy perfect...and yes, one day will bb8!)

This is it for now, until next time, keep yourself healthy and safe.

Happy sewing, happy crocheting!

January 14, 2016


God bless you all and Happy New Year, my dearest friends from all around the world!!

Where do we live now??? How is this possible?? No shame left??

Too sad these days, I have my heart trembling for their family and for so many more, finding themselves in the same situation like Bodnariu. Too sad.
Let's strongly hope that God will give them the way to be the same like before: all together, happy and healthy, and He also will build them the kindest hearts to fight and forgive all the beasts!

 I know it is Romanian, but I'm from there!!


April 26, 2015

1/2 way done

Hello my friends,

Using this easy method, I am already 1/2 way done.

I am so pleased how wonderful this white yarn changed and defined the design. It looks pretty good to me now, it appears like a vintage quilt, very well put together by this fine white "sashing". I can't wait to finish my blanket!

Happy sewing, happy crocheting!